Please beware of fraudulent / scam text messages, emails or phone calls regarding your debit card or bank account. Always call the bank at 815-264-3201 or our debit card provider Shazam at 866-508-2693 to confirm.

Waterman State Bank is now Waterman Bank

As you may know, we have been working hard over the past year to expand our bank, both in terms of the products and services we offer, as well as the geographical areas we are able to serve.  We now have strong customer relationships across the entire United States, and over the past year have grown in a number of ways, including:

  • Established a thriving residential mortgage business
  • Offer numerous new online capabilities allowing our customers to easily work with us at any time and from anywhere
  • Created business checking account products, and
  • Increased our capacity to provide construction, business and commercial real estate loan


Looking forward we plan to expand our physical presence by opening new branches, and to further expand our products and online capabilities, in order to better serve our increasingly diverse customer base.

With these achievements and goals in mind, we have exciting news to share with you – as of June 7, 2021, we are changing our name!  From that day forward, we will be simply Waterman Bank.  This is a small but significant change, which we feel is a strong reflection of our efforts to better serve all of our customers, old and new.

While you will not need to take any actions as a result of this change, you may notice new signage at our locations, and the name change on our documents, website, and other places.  Your existing debit/atm card will continue to be valid, but when it expires you will find our new name on your new card.  Likewise, your existing checks will also continue to be valid, and when you re-order, you will receive checks with our new name.

We are excited about this change, and hope our new capabilities allow us to serve you even better in the future!