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Waterman Bank Sponsors Nelarusky 2022

We are proud to sponsor Nelarusky 2022 at Metro Chicago benefiting the Illinois Special Olympics! We’ll be donating $25 for every account opened from 7/26 – 7/29.

What is Nelarusky?

15th Annual Official Lollapalooza Aftershow – Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Celebrating it’s 15th year, Nelarusky is an official aftershow for Chicago’s annual Lollapalooza. Over 1,000 tickets have sold each year for this opening night of Lolla week held at Metro. Nelarusky has raised nearly $450,000 over the years to benefit participants of Special Olympics Illinois.

Since 2007, Nelarusky’s Mission has been to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics, as well as showcase both local and national acts through an annual benefit concert and partnership with Lollapalooza and Metro Chicago. Nelarusky also provides young entrepreneurs an incredible learning opportunity to volunteer at this event. Nelarusky has now raised over $470K for Special Olympics.

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