Please beware of fraudulent / scam text messages, emails or phone calls regarding your debit card or bank account. Always call the bank at 815-264-3201 or our debit card provider Shazam at 866-508-2693 to confirm.

Waterman Bank

Our History

Waterman Bank, originally founded as “Waterman State Bank” by Humphrey Roberts in 1891, has been a pillar of the local Waterman and surrounding Southern DeKalb County community for over 110 years. Roberts, and his family, crafted Waterman State Bank’s time-tested foundation. The family pioneered Waterman State Bank’s leadership for more than 75 years, the legacy of which still carries on today.


Waterman Bank is currently under the leadership of President Frank Guerino, CEO Stuart Urkov and Chief Operating Officer Heather McCoy. The bank is advancing the community banking experience in strides, bringing numerous digital enhancements and opening it’s first branch in Chicago, IL in the summer of 2022, with other expansions currently in the planning stages.

With new technological solutions and a passion for traditional community banking concepts, Waterman Bank stands out. Locally owned and operated since 1891, we proudly continue to serve our community to this day.

Our Mission

To set the standard in our communities for excellence in financial products and services, while realizing the greatest benefit for our customers, employees and shareholders.